Sample baby thank you card wording and verse

Choosing the right wording for your baby thank you cards can be tricky. Many people choose to leave the inside blank and handwrite each card individually which is a really nice touch, however including a pre-printed verse can also be personal and save some much needed time! Even with including a printed verse there will still be space to write your own personal message on the cards if you wish.

We have put together a list of sample verses and wordings that you can choose to use directly or may give you some inspiration to create a similar one of your own.

Verse 1

[Insert Baby Name] can't thank you,
cause [he or she] is so new,
so Mammy and Daddy
send their thanks to you.

Verse 2

We thank you
for your thoughtfulness
and the baby gift.

Verse 3

A little bundle I may be
What you get is what you see
Warm and cuddly, bouncy and sweet
And how about those hands and feet!

Verse 4

Thank You
for your gift of love
and for sharing in
our precious joy from above.

Verse 5

Someone wonderful, new and sweet,
Has come to make our life complete.

Verse 6

Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little itty bitty clothes.
Dresses, ribbons an hair to curl
we're so in love with our new baby girl.

Verse 7

Though I am small and my words are few
I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!
Thank you so much for your lovely gift

Verse 8

Small and cute, wonderful and dear,
Baby [Insert Name] sends you a big thank you cheer!

Verse 9

Our sincere thanks for all your kind wishes and very lovely gift.
Love [Insert Name]

Verse 10


Verse 11
Thank you so much for helping us to welcome
Baby [Insert Name] to the world!

Verse 12

Thanks a million for your lovely gift
and your well wishes on the arrival
of our gorgeous [boy or girl]
[Insert Name]

Twins Verse

Twenty fingers, twenty toes,
plenty of work
heaven knows
four little arms to hold so tight,
four little cheeks
to kiss goodnight

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